Blogging Suggestions

Blogging Suggestions

Don’t Shout
You would never shout at your viewers, so be sure to not enter anything in all capitals.

Keep your titles short.
Titles should be a teaser for your post, not a complete description. Limit them to no more than 25 characters.

Keep your Categories even shorter
Categories should not be over 25 characters as well, shorter is even better. Why? For one thing, longer category names will not show up completely in the drop down box on the right side. For another, Google is looking for short groups of words for titles, giving them too much, defeats the purpose.

Tags one or two words max
You can have many tags for a post but it is best to keep each tag to one word.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should
There are many options available when formatting text. There is a temptation to use all of them in your posts. Don’t do it!

KISS – KISS – KISS…Keep it Simply Simple.
Fill your posts with interesting content, not different font colors and sizes. The whole design of the site was set to maximize ease of reading for the views. Several different colors used on a page are very distracting to your readers. You want to keep people coming back to you, make it easy for them. Keep the color scheme consistent.

In fact, all of the work you do to add fancy text effects in a post is stripped away for any look ups or archive views.

Read your post after you write it
Use the spelling checker for every post. Be sure that there are no grammar or punctuation errors. Once the post has been published, view the site and check the Categories and Tags to verify that you have the correct ones applied to the post. Remember, you can change or edit any of the information.

Check your site
Never assume that the site is still perfect. Check it often. There are tons of things that can cause a website to not function: spam, hackers, errors, little green men, the list is endless. Keep a close eye on your site.