Website 101

Some things you should know when considering a website.


Information is King!
Just like you, viewers of a site are not interested in seeing a commercial or reading about my great accomplishments; they want information. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to sell products, market a service or promote an organization; you need to provide enough information to keep a web surfer’s interest long enough to convert them into a customer or supporter.

The rules have changed!
Before the surge of the internet, the only way to reach a potential customer was through the conventional media. TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and direct mail were the main options for advertisers. None of the above could be considered inexpensive and you were paying to advertise to people who may not have been interested at all in your offering. While the traditional advertising methods are fine for the big car companies, fast food restaurants and breweries, they are terribly inefficient for us small companies.
A website allows you to tailor your advertising to the buyer who is looking to purchase your product or service. They have sought you out. They have an interest in YOU. All you need to do is give them enough information to make an educated purchase.

People buy from friends.
Consumers thinking about making a purchase will buy from a company where they have a relationship or a friend. If constructed properly, your web site will build relationships and make friends of prospects. It all returns to the top item: INFORMATION.
Give web viewers as much free information as you can and they will seek you out when they need your products or services.

 Traditional advertising is still valuable.
Of course,  you should not  take all of your ad dollars and commit them to a web site. Your web presence should compliment your current advertising. A web site will not make you rich and famous overnight. However, for a relatively small investment, a site can bring you new business, solidify customer relations and help expand your company.

Your site also allows the prospect a way to communicate directly with you. The power of email is enormous. What other media offers an instant way to reach a principle of a company or organization? Providing your customers and prospects a way to reach you instills confidence in your company.

Let’s do it!.
Together, we can  create a clean, fast loading web site to give your customers and viewers an informative experience on your site. We believe in simple design that is appealing to the eye, yet answers the questions a viewer may have about your organization or business.
Our prices are designed to make a web presence possible for every business. In today’s economy, your customers are looking for information to make good buying decisions.

You must be on the internet.
In today’s economy a website is a business necessity. From a simple web site, to a blog, or a complete online store, we can help you maintain a web presence at very reasonable rates.
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