Build your own website – just how easy is it?

Build your own website – just how easy is it?

There have been many commercials on TV lately about building your own website. Just like everything else on TV they make it sound so simple. Is it really that easy? The short answer is NO!

The long answer is: you can make your own site using any of those programs but be prepared for some major frustration. You must realize that no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to do some things on your site. No matter what the commercials say, the chance of being listed at the top of the search engines overnight is nonexistent. In fact, getting your site listed at all is a challenge.

I decided to look into these do-it-yourself sites and found some interesting things to think about:

30 Day FREE Trial – but you must give your credit card info and agree to automatic billing in order to try the service. Can you imagine how difficult it will be to have the billing stopped if you are not happy?

So Easy – but even one of their videos state “if you would like to try adding…” What happens if you are not successful in your try? Help may be available but at an additional cost.

Bait and Switch – not exactly but if you want more than the bare minimum, be prepared to pay more. The monthly fee jumps from $9.99 per month to $29.99 if you want the search engine options.

Your Free Domain Name – this is the kicker. Most of the do-it-yourself sites offer you domain registration for less than it actually costs – some at no cost at all. Is this too good to be true? You bet it is. If the company controls your domain name, it is virtually impossible to leave them. Read this post to learn more.

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