Five Seconds and Counting…

Five Seconds and Counting…

Five seconds, that’s it!

That is the attention span of an average web surfer. It’s not that today’s internet viewer is easily distracted; there are just too many options. People have access to more information today than ever before. And, in this fast pace society of ours, people want everything RIGHT NOW.

Your job, as a website owner, is to grab their attention and draw them deeper into your site. Most online viewers spend about 60 seconds on a site. Can your site deliver a message that extends that amount of time?

You Only Get One Chance To Make A Good First Impression.

How many times have your heard that line? From your mother to your elementary school teacher to your boss, that axiom has been touted forever. Maybe that’s because it is so very, very, true.

In those first Five Seconds you have to make the best impression possible with the viewer of your site. Your competition is only a mouse click away. How do you hold on to potential customers?

You must supply them with a clean simple visual design, easy site navigation, a way to contact you, a good “About You” page and content – content – content.

Give them Content.

Content they can use. Content that has value. Content that makes them want to keep reading. Content that declares you are the authority. Content that compels them to contact you.

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