Mother, PLEASE! I’d rather do it myself!

Mother, PLEASE! I’d rather do it myself!

pleaseThat line was from a commercial in the 60’s for Anacin. It was followed by “Sure you have a headache, but don’t take it out on your mother”.

I often get calls from clients who would like the ability to make changes to their website themselves. Sounds like a reasonable idea, right? Maybe, but it can lead to some headaches.

Contrary to what everyone thinks, making changes to a site is not as easy as 1-2-3. It takes some time to learn a system, there are rules that must be followed and thousands of options that can be used.

On average, it takes about two hours of introduction and then several more hours of fine tuning for most people to start changing their own websites. I am happy to take the time needed to teach a new user how to edit their site and I think my fees are very reasonable to do so. However, is that really the best use of a business owner’s time?

Once the novelty of making your own changes fades, the harsh reality of keeping the site updated and fresh becomes a dreaded chore. If a site owner does not make frequent changes, he or she often forgets how to do it. So, some research will be needed before anything gets done. Or, worse yet, it just gets put off until the site is full of out-dated, stale items. We all have visited sites where the last update was years ago.

Before you jump to the conclusion that you want to maintain your own website, consider the time involved to do so. Your business may be better served hiring us to make the changes as needed.

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