Nobody cares about your products (except you)!

Nobody cares about your products (except you)!

What people do care about are themselves and their problems. “What’s in it for me?” is the catch phrase of today’s buyer. Most folks don’t buy an item. They buy benefits.

Always keep that in mind when writing or speaking about your products or services. Explain how they will solve your customer’s problems.

No matter how great your product is or how proud of it you are, resist the urge to brag about it. Instead, tell the prospective buyer what it will do for them. Tell them how it will make their life better, easier, make them more money, make them more attractive, etc.

I owned a portrait photography studio for many years. If I would have tried to sell my photographs on the idea of how great they were, I would never have made a living.

Instead, we stressed “You are going to look FANTASTIC” in our photos or “Give someone you love a portrait” or “The best gift you will ever give Mom”. Not one of these headlines said if our photos were good or bad, the message was the benefits the photos would give to the buyer.

Of course, you need to have a good, if not great, product or service to offer and you will have to go into detail about that once you have the buyer’s attention. Even when listing the advantages of your item, slant everything to how it relates to the buyer and how it will solve their problems.

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