Pictures on your site

Pictures on your site

Photographs should highlight the text content of the site. High quality images encourage the viewer to look closer at what is written.

The key is “high quality” images. Today we all can take pictures with our cell phones or pocket digital cameras. While some small cameras and cell phones can produce pictures of good quality, be very selective when choosing photographs to go on your website.

Many people have the idea that any image is good enough for the web. A poor quality picture can do more harm than good for the overall impression of your site. If the picture is not super clear and sharp, if it is too bright or dark, if it is not perfect in every way, do not use it on your website.

Does this mean that you have to run out and hire a professional to create stunning images for your website? That would be the ideal solution, but it may not be practical for those planning a first website. If you have some pictures of your own, often a web designer can enhance the image to make it more pleasing to the viewer. You can try to enlist the services of a student, hobbyist or aspiring photographer to create photographs for use on your site. Be careful here, not every so called photographer can produce great images.

Don’t rule out the services of a professional photographer. The photography industry has changed over the past few years. Many local professionals are looking for business, any kind of business. Call around; explain that you need medium resolution files for use on your website and that you do not need prints. You may be surprised at how economical good professional photography may be.

If you take your own photos, we can enhance your pictures so they look their best on your site. Call us for a free consultation at 800-598-4008