The Internet, not just for youngsters

The Internet, not just for youngsters

The famed opinion poll folks at Pew Research, reported that the use of the Internet has continued to grow. That growth is across all age groups; from teens to seniors.

In a December 2010 report titled “Generations Online”, the firm found that over 90% of those aged 73 and younger used the Internet for email and searches. Those over 73 are not far behind; over 80% that age group uses the net regularly.

Fully 73% of adult internet users (representing 54% of all US adults) went online to get news or information about the 2010 midterm elections.

The social networks, Facebook, Linkedin and others draw 65% of all Internet users, across all age brackets.

What do these numbers say? In today’s market, it is vital for any business or service to have an Internet presence. If you do not, you are passing sales on to your competitors.

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